PINELLAS HOPE relies on the generosity of individuals and organizations to help provide all three daily meals to its 200+ residents. Since it opened on Dec. 7, 2007, over 1.6 million meals have been served to over 10,000 individuals helped by Pinellas Hope.

Members of the community, including individuals, families, churches and other civic-minded organizations – both public and private, help improve the lives of those in need by volunteering to provide meals to the homeless clients. The community prepares and serves over 200,000 meals each year. While so many have answered the call, there are always opportunities – open days – for volunteers to provide a meal. Breakfasts are typically covered by donations from nearby restaurants (e.g., Panera Bread) and grocers (e.g., Publix), so the focus is on lunch and dinner. While not the critical need, if your desire is to provide a breakfast, you are welcome to do so. See the note below for information on how to provide a breakfast.

Pinellas  Hope does not have a fully functioning kitchen so meals must be prepared offsite and transported to the facility. The kitchen does have refrigerators, freezers and warming stations to keep the ‘hot’ food warm.

Preparing and serving a meal at Pinellas Hope is an especially rewarding experience for those volunteers who come. It is an excellent way for people to give back and help others by demonstrating the caring and kindness that are so important for those who are suffering and in need. Pinellas Hope residents always enjoy meeting those members of the community who feed them and enjoy sharing their stories and expressing their gratitude at the dinner table.

How it works:

1. Review the meal calendar to see what meals (lunch or dinner) are needed on what days.
2. Complete the form below, providing the requested information on the number and type of meals you intend to provide and submit it.
3. You will receive a reply confirming your submission has been received.
4. Upon confirming the availability of the date you selected for your meal, you will receive a final confirmation that you are approved to serve the chosen meal on your day.
5. Prepare the meal at your location and deliver it to Pinellas Hope by the individuals or organizations and served by their volunteers.

Are you ready to volunteer to donate and serve breakfast, lunch or dinner to the residents of Pinellas Hope?

THANK YOU for your willingness to serve and make a difference in the lives of our neighbors who are working toward returning to self-sufficiency.

NOTE: To learn more about serving meals at Pinellas Hope, or about providing breakfast instead, or to seek answers to questions about the form or serving meals in general, please call Danielle at (727) 556-6397 or email her.

To prepare a meal for Pinellas Hope, please fill out the form below. An asterisk (*) denotes a required field.

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