Medical Respite Program at Pinellas Hope

Catholic Charities,  in an effort to expand services to the homeless at Pinellas Hope, partnered with the BayCare Health System to provide a space for recuperative care to persons without homes. Referrals must come from BayCare Health System in Pinellas County. This ten-bed program is housed within Pinellas Hope and provides a space for BayCare Home Health nurses visits when applicable. 

What we do: The Medical Respite Program at Pinellas Hope is a program that provides temporary emergency shelter for individuals without homes being discharged from the BayCare system who are too medically frail to return to the streets but do not require further hospitalization or skilled nursing facility care. Primary program goals are: to provide a safe, secure place for homeless adults to recuperate following hospitalization; monitor and support continued medical compliance; identify and establish medical homes for clients; schedule follow-up appointments and support clients with attendance at their first follow-up medical visit after hospital discharge; and assist with obtaining identification, healthcare, and financial benefits.




Sustainability: Our program is currently funded by BayCare Health System. As part of the larger Pinellas Hope community, this small program can provide crucial services to our most vulnerable adults while working toward increased health education for all residents in camp and access to basic medical services that can decrease further hospitalizations and emergency room visits.

Who we serve: The Program is currently limited to serving adults without homes who are being discharged from a BayCare Health System facility. Our service area includes Pinellas County.

If you want to help: Donations to benefit the clients in the Medical Respite Program are welcome. We are always in need of rechargeable fans, rechargeable batteries (all sizes), curtains, single bed sheets, small rugs, and a motorized wheelchair.

Contact: Sandra Grosvenor, PhD, RN-BC, Coordinator of Health Care
Pinellas County  (813) 295-1561
Fax: 727-556-6398
Email: Click Here
Mailing Address and Donation Drop Off:
c/o Pinellas Hope: Respite Services
5726 126th Avenue North
Clearwater, Fl 33760