Mental Health Resources

Addressing the Needs of Residents of Pinellas Hope

There are roughly 350-400 residents residing at Pinellas Hope at any one Time. Over 200 are housed in temporary housing and another 150+ are residents of the independent apartments on the grounds of Pinellas Hope.

There is a need to establish a coordinated onsite Behavioral Health Program at Pinellas Hope utilizing our partners: PEMHS, Directions, PAR, BayCare, Boley Centers and Suncoast. The goal is to prevent the Pinellas Hope clients:


  • From going back on the streets
  • Being readmitted for Mental Health or Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Being Baker-Acted or Marchman-Acted
  • Over utilizing emergency rooms for their health care needs
  • Dying by overdose or suicide
  • Needing police intervention and/or incarceration due to antisocial behaviors
  • Being expelled from Pinellas Hope services due to not abiding by the rules and regulations of the program.


For the above reasons, Catholic Charities began the development of a Behavioral Health Project in order to implement Group Psychotherapy and Psycho-Educational Programming for Pinellas Hope residents. While we have had to delay the development and implementation of this exciting program, we are still offering assistance to the Pinellas Hope residents from the aforementioned groups.