Feeding the Hungry

DSCN0812“When I lived on the streets, I went hungry many a day; including a time when I went four days without food. On that fourth day, a couple saw me on a bench on the side of the road and asked if I was hungry, after I said yes, they took me to McDonalds. I was grateful for the food and excited because McDonalds was a luxury for me,”
Curtis, Pinellas Hope resident.

Before arriving at Pinellas Hope, residents who lived on the streets went hungry many days. As a result, Pinellas Hope’s mission is to provide them with a warm, comforting meal each day.

To do so and because our shelter only has a serving kitchen, we work closely with our partners made up of organizations, churches, and families who prepare up to 250 meals in their own homes and kitchens, transport the meals to Pinellas Hope and then serve them to our residents at our shelter. As a result, Pinellas Hope and its partners donate and serve an average of 250 meals each day or 91, 250 meals per year!

Are you ready to volunteer to donate and serve lunch or dinner to the residents of Pinellas Hope? Click here to view instructions on how to get started. Thank you for your willingness to serve the residents of Pinellas Hope.