Eddie came to Pinellas Hope with a note and his belongings. His note explained his circumstances and helped him communicate since he sometimes gets nervous and overwhelmed.

But it wasn’t that easy. Eddie arrived on a Tuesday (Pinellas Hope accepts new residents once weekly, on Tuesdays) only to learn that there was no room for him. He had to wait until the following Tuesday’s intake to come to Pinellas Hope. That Tuesday Eddie arrived and with tears in his eyes he joined the Pinellas Hope community.

Since arriving at Pinellas Hope, Eddie has worked hard to belong and contribute. He helps with the dinners in our kitchen and is a friend to all. His cottage is always spotless, and he is very proud of where he lives. His heart is full of the love of Jesus Christ as you can tell as soon as you meet him. Eddie has also worked hard to overcome his nervousness, even speaking in public at a recent Pinellas Hope Open House!


Eddie, with the assistance of his case manager, has qualified for social security disability and with his newfound income will be moving into the Pinellas Hope Apartments (subsidized permanent, supportive housing for qualifying low-income individuals) soon. He can’t wait to cook and get a clock and globe for his apartment!