Mission Smiles Recap

Pinellas Hope

PHDental5On June 28, 2014 Pinellas Hope under the direction of Pam Healy and Danielle Partnered with Mission Smiles for their first dental outreach. We appreciated serving the underserved with free dental care and left feeling so blessed for this opportunity.  Thanks to the volunteers who live at Pinellas Hope for serving with such grace and with a servant heart. A personal thanks to Emily Rabatin from the University of Pittsburgh Social Work Program who came to help prepare for our event.

PHDental4Our extreme appreciation goes to the professional dental team, Dr. John Raulerson, Margaret Kovacs/Clinical Supervisor, Carmen Felts R.D.H., Kathy McGartland R.D.H., Sonia Sullivan DA, Paula Amole DA, Jonathan Nguyen and Pam Stamey.  They demonstrated positive attitudes and flexibility throughout the day as well as a commitment to serving those in great need of their help…all delivered in wonderful compassion.  Our THANKS to our partners- at Bible Church International… Moonlight, Valarie, and Juan who helped with spiritual care and Joyce with medical history/BP.

PHDental1Our THANKS to some newly trained volunteers-Rebecca Mann, Lori Lee, and Maria Seda who came at 7:45 AM to qualify each individual and Our special THANKS to Larry and Marcellous, our vehicle specialty team who drove, set up the truck both days in Pinellas County, and set up hygiene before the clinics started.  What a great team to work with!

The volunteers serving at this clinic demonstrated a true unified effort of the body of Christ.
Don’t you think God was smiling as we served together on this day?

PHDental3The following is a data recap:
Guests served:  32
Cleanings:   12
Filings:       9
Extractions:  37
Dollar value of dental services donated to the community $10,125
Dollar value of volunteer services to the community:  $4,607   Total value: $14,732
Total volunteers utilized for clinic:  26
Volunteer professional dental team:  1 doctors, 5 assistants, 2 hygienists
Volunteer vehicle team: 2

PHDental2We were blessed by the gratitude of so many who had been living with pain and were desperate for relief. One young woman who had just come off the street after many months had prayed for dental care, she felt God had heard her prayer and was so grateful.  Many guests participated in conversations about Christ and received prayer.  We join in celebration in the heavenliest for the salvation of THREE precious guests at this clinic.  It was truly an honor to bring together Pinellas Hope and MISSION SMILES.  Our volunteers served with such compassion.

“I cannot tell you how amazing this mission was for me. I have seen many situations in Haiti and Panama that seems so desperate and touched me deeply. However, this mission in our own town …in our own neighborhoods shocked me the most of any mission I have ever been on.  The need in our own country is so real and palatable…  When I saw root tips of an entire upper mouth in Haiti and in Panama I accepted it as “THEIR” reality .  Seeing it in Clearwater was eye-opening.”    – Pam Stamey

We continue to Praise God for the way He has worked through each of you to complete His purposes…some results will only be revealed when we see from His perspective in eternity.  It is worth it all my friends – Christ is glorified as we continue to serve in His Spirit!

Your job is not to judge. Your job is to not figure out if someone deserves something. Your job is to lift the fallen, to restore the broken, and to heal the hurting.

Please forward this report to those within your sphere of influence – THANK YOU