Troy D. is a 57-year old male who turned to Pinellas Hope for a change of life after recovering from an injury and falling into substance abuse. Through his participation in Pinellas Hope Case Management and Services, he has been able to maintain his sobriety for the past two years.

Looking back, Troy knew he had the support he needed – by attending recovery meetings and meeting one-on-one with his substance abuse counselor – to achieve his goal of sobriety. Not only did he find support to maintain his sobriety, but he was also able to address his other health issues. Troy began receiving regular treatment for his diabetes and began exercising at the local YMCA. In addition to all these positive steps, Troy reconnected with his family! He also saved the “most” he has ever saved while living at Pinellas Hope.

Says Troy, “Pinellas Hope helped me save money and understand the need for self-sufficiency.” We are pleased to report that Troy completed his program this month and will be moving on to begin the next chapter on his journey.